Tax Representation

An IRS tax notice or revenue officer arriving at the door to your home or business can be the beginning of serious difficulties. The IRS has the ability to seize assets including wages, freeze bank accounts, and contact third persons in an attempt to collect taxes from you.

Given the power of the IRS, the intimidation that many people and business owners feel when the words ‘Internal Revenue Service’ are even spoken is understandable. Attempting to deal with this powerful agency on your own, however, is not.

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Contact us to schedule an initial consultation on the best course of action in the face of an IRS action. Discuss answers to questions relevant to your situation, such as the following:

  • What can the IRS do to me?
  • How do I get a bank or wage levy released?
  • What is an offer in compromise?
  • How can I get penalties and interest abated?
  • How can I get tax liens released?

Proven IRS Tax Representation

Slade & Company represents individuals, small business owners in IRS tax disputes involving matters such as back taxes, collection actions, audits, tax appeals, and more. We have experience handling these and other matters and have established an understanding of the Internal Revenue Service that enables us to more effectively and successfully represent our clients.

Much of Slade & Company’s success springs from our proactive approach and an emphasis on helping our clients to comply with their current tax obligations before seeking to resolve old ones. The first step in this approach is to identify the exact nature of your situation and your obligations. Once this task has been accomplished, we are ready to help bring you into compliance and possibly even eliminate some of the outstanding tax you owe through remedies outlined in the IRS code.